About Us

Our History

In 1990 a few Isla tennis members started a small fundraiser in the form of a tennis tournament and the proceeds went to a local charity. That small little tennis tournament has now grown into Isla’s annual fundraising event – “Play for Hunger”. The “Play” part now consists of four days of festivities with something for everyone including a tennis tournament, a golf tournament, a pickleball tournament, a game day (bingo, mah-jongg, sliding gin), a cruise from our 
yacht basin, a food and clothing drive, and a celebration dinner.

Over the past three decades, with the hard work and dedication by many committee members and volunteers, the Play for Hunger event has raised over $3.5M. The proceeds benefit two of the most notable and worthwhile non-profit organizations in St. Petersburg – Daystar Life Center and the St.Pete Free Clinic, both located within 8 miles of our club, which truly means we are giving back to our community. Both of these charities provide the necessities of life for our neighbors in need.

Just as “Play for Hunger” has grown over the years, the two organizations have grown as well. They are no longer just food banks; they provide our neighbors living just above the poverty level with nutritious food, healthcare, recovery housing, education and more. That is why, “Play for Hunger”is so much more than a food drive, it is in of support the 4-H’s -- Hunger –Health – Healing – Hope.