How to Donate to Play for Hunger

Isla Del Sol Members can donate by charging your Isla Del Sol member account. You may also donate with a check, a credit card or by a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). However you donate, a Commitment Form must be turned in to the Front Desk before signing up for an Event.

Commitment Form

Isla Del Sol Member Accounts

To donate by charging your Isla Del Sol member account, just fill out and submit the Commitment Form indicating your donation amount. The charge will appear on your next monthly statement.

Check Donations

Checks should be made out to either St. Pete Free Clinic or Daystar Life Center and turned in at the Isla Front Desk or mailed to the Front Desk at the address below. Remember to include the completed Commitment form with your donation.

Isla Del Sol Yacht & CC
6000 Sun Blvd, St Petersburg, FL 33715
Attn: Play for Hunger

Credit Card Donations

CREDIT CARD DONATIONS can be made direct to either of the charities and count towards our campaign. When you make your donation indicate it is in ‘honor’ of Isla Del Sol Play for Hunger and remember to turn in or mail your Commitment Form to the Isla Front Desk. A link to each charity is below:

Donate to Daystar Life Center
Donate to St Pete Free Clinic

Qualified Charitable Distribution

Depending on the financial institution holding your IRA account, your QCD contribution can be sent directly to the charity or be in the form of a check to the charity that is sent to you. If the check is sent to you follow the instructions above for check donations. If the check is sent directly to the charity, please remember to submit your Commitment Form noting that the check(s) have been sent.

Remember: A Commitment Form should be submitted to the Front Desk for any type of donation and the Commitment Form should be turned in to the Front Desk before signing up for an Event.